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Radiography With Ir - 192 & Co - 60


Artificially Produced Radioisotope  , Emmiting Gamma Radiations Such As Ir-192 And Co-60 Are Used For Radiography Wels, Casting  And Forging Assemlly To Reveal The Process Of Manufacturing . This Type Of Sources Are Used From  Lower Thickness Upto 200mm Of Specimen.

These Type Of Machines  Are Compact And Handy  At Site And Upstair Job  Such As Thermal Power, Gas Power , Fetilizer Etc..

Gamma Radiography Is More Hazzardous To Human Body So Safety Precaution Are Stricely To Be Adopted .

In This Method Person Viewing Or Interpreting The Radiographs Should Be Competant And Proper  Experienced  In Manufacturing Process To Avoid Confusion In Interpreting With Codes ,Stadards To Un- Necessary Repairs


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Radiography With Ir - 192 & Co - 60
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